Bullet Resistant Doors are Steel Doors or Hollow Metal Doors that are specifically designed with additional armor plates to be bullet resistant. We do not refer to them as bullet proof doors. We call them Bullet Resistant.

These doors have welded in 16 gauge top and bottom channels as well as reinforced sheet steel. The skins of these doors are bonderized and phosphatized before being painted.

All bullet resistant doors are not created equal, however, and some are specifically designed to provide more protection than others.

Underwriters Laboratory (UL) formulates product safety guidelines and issues certificates to products that match these guidelines. Specifically to regulate the construction of items like bullet resistant doors and other bullet resistant products, UL has created UL 752 BALLISTICS standards that grades bullets according to their powers of penetration. UL 752 divides bullets into groups having one of eight different levels of penetration capacity and bullets are graded in terms of such factors as velocity range, shot pattern, shot spacing and number of shots contained in the firearm.

In terms of UL 752, Level 1 bullets are those having the penetration capacity of small handgun bullets. Mesker Door offers Level 1 through 3 offering protection against bullets including the 9mm Parabellum 124gr FMJ (Level 1), the .357 Magnum 158gr JSP (Level 2) and the .44 Mag 240gr SWC (Level 3). See Meskerdoor.com Bullet resistant section for more information.

Mesker Door's bullet resistant doors are tested with Mesker's Bullet Resistant Frames and are sold as an assembly. Mesker Doors (R) Bullet resistant doors and frames are provided in a prime finish as a standard, but are also available in Galvanized and or factory painted finish paint. Standard and custom colors are available. To find out more about color selection, please visit Meskerpaint.com.

Mesker bullet resistant frames can be ordered to accommodate custom wall conditions and bullet resistant doors and frames can be fire rated from 20 minutes up to 3 hours.

For more information regarding bullet doors, visit meskerdoor.com bullet resistant assembly section.
UL certificate of compliance is available on the Mesker Door website.

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